Chisu Chocolate Bar - Murder Mystery Party

Chisu Chocolate Bar - Murder Mystery Party

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Chisu Chocolate Bar

Chisu Chocolate Bar is a Murder Mystery Party, a role-playing game in which each player must play a character who has been invited to a Halloween party. Each player will receive a DIGITAL PDF, which will contain his or her character sheet and the role he or she must play. Through debate with the other players, you must find out who the murderer is, and if you are the murderer, you must try not to be discovered.

The game is recommended for 6 people, but can be played with a different number by removing a character or adding extras.


Tonight is the Halloween dinner of the Torrencia family, expert chocolatiers and whose uncle Bernard owns the largest chocolate factory in the country.

Friends and family are invited to the dinner to inaugurate the new Chisu chocolate bar. This chocolate bar was created as a tribute to the family dog who died on Halloween night a few years ago.

But the evening will not be as peaceful as expected, as someone poisons Uncle Bernard with the new chocolate bar and it is certain that one of the guests is the murderer. It's up to you how this case will be closed.




 The game consists of 7 DIGITAL PDFs. The first one, which consists the instructions and the plot of the story; and 6 PDFs of characters, 1 for each different character in the game.

Each player must be given the main PDF plus the one for the character he/she wants to play. There cannot be 2 players with the same PDF nor can they read the PDF of the other players.



This is a role-playing game, the interpretation of the players is very important to enhance the experience, to get more into the role we recommend going in Halloween costume to create a greater immersion.

The game is designed for 6 players, but it can be 5 by eliminating one of them, or you can add as many players as you want as if they were a family member or friend invited to the party. These players will not have a character sheet, they will not receive clues but they can help and discuss with the rest to find the murderer.

All the content of the game is digital, PDFs will be delivered and must be forwarded to the rest of the players.