New Crime Escape Room in a box on Kickstarter

One of the most common questions people ask themselves when buying for the first time an Escape Game to play at home is that it’s going to be as immersive as a traditional Escape Room. Obviously it all depends on the game.

There are rooms in which despite going in person to a mysterious place do not achieve their goal. The cardboard decor, generic puzzles that don't match the story and other inconsistencies break that immersiveness you were promised. The most common escapes done at home also break the immersiveness by using cards for everything. Instead of climbing on a chair to reach a hidden object, or finding a secret key to open a door, you use numbered cards that do these actions for you.

In Key Enigma we wanted to solve this problem and we have created a digital escape room in which the actions have to be done by YOU. As if it were really happening. For this we thought of an adventure that you could solve from home, you will navigate in the Internet following links and browsing Web pages using tools of your daily life.

Our game is a Hacker's adventure, and if you were a real Hacker you would solve the case from your home PC and not by entering an unknown room. But at the same time, the physical part is just as important as the digital part, and for that reason we have filled our game box with a lot of objects that you would find in a traditional escape room.

The final result has been amazing, you only need to take a look at our reviews that the players have made.

After the good reception of Hack Forward, we have decided to make a new game similar to the previous one, but with a totally different theme. This time it is an Escape Room in a box called Calling Card in which you must catch a serial killer. This new escape game with a crime and detective theme, has just opened its Kickstarter in which you can participate and be among the first to receive the game once we finish it.

¡Hurry up! It will only be available until May 6.

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